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Revue FAQ

Revue FAQ:

Is it required to participate in Revue?

No. The Revue is strongly encouraged, but not required.

What are the benefits of performing in your annual Revue?

Revue is a fun experience that creates lifetime memories. It allows dancers to fully experience a ‘performing art’ and the unique feeling of being on stage. Parents can always expect age appropriate movement and costumes. Preparing for Revue is a way for dancers to work on memorization skills, rhythm, technique, teamwork, and much more… They thrive on showing off all they have learned.

Why haven’t you had the Revue date before now?

Actually our Revue is booked out one year in advance. You can find a list of all important dates by clicking here.

Can you make dress rehearsal nights shorter?

Our TDA teachers’ most important task during dress rehearsal is making sure their dancers feel comfortable and confident dancing on the big stage. They will review their formations and run their dance. Sometimes they can do this in one run through and sometimes they need two. We just want to be sure they feel great! Our TDA Crew members most important tasks are running all of the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks such as lighting, sound, entrances, exits, and backdrop / curtain changes. We also have to allot an extended rehearsal time slot for our ‘Specialty Dance’ performances and for our Final Bows. We, as staff, wish we could shorten our night too, but we are already pressed for time with our 4 hour dress rehearsal evening. 

Can you make the call times in shorter increments?

We appreciate this question. However, as we have learned over the 17 years, the shorter the rehearsal call time increments, the greater the risk for missing students. We require you be there 30 minutes before your call time because we will not wait for missing students and we cannot afford to re-rehearse a dance that has already had their opportunity, especially after an already long evening.

Why don’t you have more staff and/or volunteers to show people where to go?

We’d love your help with this! We offer priority ticket purchasing to those that volunteer.  Our TDA staff members are busy backstage preparing lighting, sound, and the stage for our performance and also preparing dancers & families for the show. We put as many signs as we can to show you where to go. 

How can the dancers practice at home?

Bring your charged up cell phones to class during Revue Information Week! You will have the opportunity to video the class and teacher doing their recital dance as a practice tool. You can also order your child’s Revue music. Order forms will be coming out soon. 

Why do we have to have to purchase a costume?

Costumes are required to unite each class, much like a team uniform, and are essential in presenting a professional looking show. We have found after 17 years of experience, our parents prefer the higher quality costumes that come at a slightly higher cost than the less expensive, poorer quality costumes. Many students wear these costumes for months after and they are still in great condition. When it comes to dance costumes, you really do get what you pay for. 

How do we get tickets to the show(s)?

Tickets are purchased through a ticket company, much like Ticketmaster. All seating is reserved which means you can show up just minutes before the performance instead of standing in line and rushing the auditorium when the doors open. More detailed information will be given during Revue Information Week.

Why do we have to purchase tickets when we paid a Revue fee?

It costs thousands upon thousands of dollars to put on four shows of our caliber. We pride ourselves on the professional show we put on for our family and friends. Some other costs that are associated with our show week includes: Auditorium rental, Dressing room rental, School crew members, Ground & custodial fees, Utility fees, Lighting rental, Backdrop rental, Insurance, Ticket company, Keepsake program design & printing, Revue t-shirt, Props, 20 member TDA crew, and more…